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September 18, 2006



I love the blurb on the cover. "Great for men's small groups" or something. Naturally. Discuss this stuff with any woman around and all hell would break loose. Those spider-men would be spinning cocoons faster than you can say wasp-woman just to keep the peace.

Makes me wonder if this book is something he really lives by or one big writerly message to his wife! (Believe me, I've put in some thinly veiled messages in my books to my husband over the years.)

Ryan Sharp

Wow. People are still writing books about this crap? Will we ever evolve to better places?

Existential Punk

Misogony (sp?) is still HUGE today especially in evangelical, right wing circles AND SOME emergent circles. Check out this post and conversation at Jason Clark's blog:


I love Panexa! Loved it so much, I slipped some into my hubby's drink and man, what it's done for him! Next month we're headed for a twelve day campout outside of Herat, with just a two swiss army knives and a tarp. Now that's manly.

Farrar would probably sell fewer books if more men knew about Panexa. Thanks for supporting such a worthy medicine. Very subversive of you.


Not that I resent being compared to a parasitical wasp... but haven't we spent the last couple of centuries becoming more enlightened than this?

And about those modern day church services with their namby-pamby worship choruses. Aren't they overwhelming run by... um... MEN?

Ewww, even the title is creepy.

cameron conant

perfect timing! i just threw out an old farrar book this morning that someone had given me in 1999. interesting spider analogy. lol. really bizarre stuff jana. love that you brought it to my attention. but bless his heart as they say here in the south. i'm sure he's a nice guy and everything...it's just...does he really think this stuff? scary. i think i need an orange frappaccino and a manicure. is my name too feminine? i heard girls have it now.



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