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October 24, 2005


Susan Elia MacNeal

If you love the vampire genre, try the novel SUNSHINE by Robin McKinley. So, so wonderful, and a much more empowered heroine, too.

Brooke Griffith

How could you not love this book! I may only be 12 but the simple intense moments made me more and more eager to turn the pages, and yet I didn't want it to end. I may have had classes to atend but I still finished the book in a small 2 days. I loved it, even though I have to admit, i thought a vampire love story was kind of corny, but once my friend let me read a page, I couldn't live without reading the rest myself!!! It was the greatest thing I have ever read, and I have to say I am kind of a book worm. I am only mad now though, because I happend to finish today, Friday, and I have to wait untill MONDAY to get New Moon. I just can't stop typing................

Brooke Griffith

To be honest thins book inspired me to try and finish my own novel, so far only 158 pages, but I am not even near the middle. I already Know that I will fall far short of any book writen by Stephenie Meyere. I am really only on the internet to see if i could read the book for free and sadly, I got this review instead. But it is good to take a beak from my non-stop reading. This book truely made me swell with emotion like no other book has ever done. I can't believe I finaly found a book (s) that I really wanted to read and just couldn't put down.

Brooke Griffith

... and yet I am very mad at the person to make such a review, Being able to say you couldn't put it down and yet giving the book a low rating, it needs 5 stars. I have a thought though, perhaps it is because you are writer as well and can't stand the thought of her being soooooooooooooooooo much better and I say this with a smug feeling. I don;t think I lick you too much, but remember, im only 12... YTFYTFY


LOL to the three previous comments!

Nice review. I just finished this book and found it to be very enjoyable, but I agree with your assessment. I think the characters (especially Bella) convey the dramatic emotions of teenagers perfectly, which is why this book is so well loved by teens. Teens can completely identify with Bella's all consuming love (or lust, as it seems to me). Either way I definitely want to know what happens next and for an author that is the supreme accomplishment.


I agree with Susan . . . SUNSHINE has to be the best vampire book I've read yet. Jana, thanks for articulating so well what it is about Bella's relationship with Edward that bothers me--I find that a truly healthy relationship never requires that someone give up the inner core things that make them them. Hopefully Bella will move on from infatuation to a more mature view of love in Breaking Dawn . . .


I think all this analysis is ridiculous. Bella is a character in a book who is obviously not perfect and who is on a path to self discovery... She's definitely not flawless, but aren't we all like that in our own ways? I find that Bella portrays reality a little more than most would like to admit. She has human appetites. And I find that some who have commented are wishing that Bella's character portrayed the ideal, when, in fact, we can probably all relate to her more easily in her imperfection. Edward, an immortal, has a better grasp on his own limits only because of his years of experience and selfdenial... something that Bella is ready to embark on. And his example helps Bella to see things as they should be. She learns in her own way and in her own time the wisdom behind what some see as Edward's "controlling nature." Yet, consumed by her passion, she wants to be with him. I admire her for knowing what she wants and being willing to sacrifice to get it. If only I could be a little bit more like Bella in this way... Just because Edward is a male and he is setting boundaries, doesn't mean he isn't right most of the time... and he soon learns for himself how to let Bella have her own wings. I think it's amazing to see Bella stick to her guns and not allow Edward to control her like he feels like he needs to for her own safety.


I love this book. I love all 3 of the books, but I think Twilight would have to be my fav. I can't wait until the 4th book comes out. And then now there's a movie coming which I can't wait to see. But I don't know if I will like it to much because no movie is ever like the book but Stephenie Meyere is helping so it should be great. I wish that Edward was real. He is the perfect guy even if he's not human, I would so date him lol. That sounds kind of funny. But any ways I think this book should be given 5 starts. Because it is the best book ever!!


Oh, thank god I'm not the only one who found something wrong with this book. You know, I've spent weeks trying to figure out why I hated the book so much and you just summed it up in a few short paragraphs. I also found her willingness to sacrifice her relationship with her mother and father just for Edward, pretty awful. There are all types of love worth living for in the world and to discount them all out to me was a bad idea to flaunt to teenage girls (who so often mistake lust for love or who are blinded by love) I read through the first one in a day but that's pretty much my average speed for a new book. It would have to be pretty awful for me not to fly through it. Did you read the second one? Awful. I'm not even bothering with the third.

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