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November 28, 2005


Tania Lyon

I was left deeply disappointed by the Harry Potter Goblet movie because it was chopped down so mercilessly. I probably shouldn't have listened to the book on tape only a few monhts nefore seeing the movie since it left all the rich details too fresh in my mind (by contrast, I thought Pride and Prejudice was PERFECT and walked away in a state of happy bliss--probably because it's been eons since I read the book or saw the fuller A&E version).

I would gladly, gladly have paid 4 times the money to see 4 times more screen time. Ah well.

Oh--and here's my response to Jana's question about the thestral-seeing problem:

To see a thestral you must witness someone DIE, not just see them in death. Thus, Harry is initated into thestral-vision by seeing Cedric killed, not by stumbling onto whats-his-faces body in the woods. It was still a disjointed scene, but shouldn't cause a problem in the next film.



Huh. I haven't seen the HP but I could barely stomach the most recent "prd & prjdc"--I call it that because I thought it had all the nuance of vowels stripped from it--it gutted the emotional and intellectual complexity of Elizabeth's and Darcy's discovery of each other, and there's NO attempt by Darcy to become a better person, to learn from Elizabeth's justified reproach of him. As one of my blog-friends described it, in this version, Darcy isn't proud; he's just misunderstood. It pretty much made me crazy.

Have you checked out the Austen blog? It's fun, and it's here: http://www.austenblog.com/

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