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May 13, 2006


Christopher Bigelow

I think we should BBQ Britni Spears. There's something plump and succulent-looking about her, but not necessarily sexual. Anyway, isn't her whole persona designed for public consumption--so we may as well go whole hog, so to speak?

I don't consider myself much of a man's man, but I was mesmerized by "Moby Dick," for some reason, not bored for a single instant that I can remember. I remember feeling quite amazed at how much I enjoyed the book, actually, because I wasn't expecting to. However, I also love Jane Austen...

Dave L

They should use these questions instead of Rorshach tests in psychiatric studies.

Consume? Russell Crowe
Watch getting eaten? Sarah Jessica Parker

And I'm both pro-Moby Dick and pro-Nathaniel Philbrick.


I'm with you on the "what to serve" dilemma--only mine was compounded because a) we have a three-course brunch, not just dessert; and b) we read Ahab's Wife (I haven't actually read Moby-Dick) and Life of Pi in rather short succession (with only Bee Season in between). In the Heart of the Sea sounds wonderful, but I hardly think I want our group to become the Cannibalism Book Club.

As for toothsome celebrities, I think I concur with watching others eat Tom Cruise--I'm sure his womanly hips would provide strong sustenance for many. Eat myself? Mariah Carey. Lot of meat on them thar bones.


I'm completely dumquizzled by your contention that Moby Dick is dude-lit. Please elaborate. (If you dare).

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