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June 20, 2006



Oh, please, give me a spoiler. I'm dead serious. If I was a day older than 16, I would fly to Barnes and Noble and work my bottom off day and night just to get an Advanced Reader's copy of this book. Such is my passion for reading. *sigh* Ignore what I said before - make me wait. It'll make me appreciate the book far more.

I have a hunch I know what Jacob's 'dark secret' is, but I can't be sure when I ask:

Is he a lycan of some sort? It would make sense in many ways. Anyway, let me know.

Oh, and that email is fake, so don't use that as a contact. :) Just reply on here; I'll check back regularly.

Jana Riess

Hmmmmm . .. I am not going to tell you! Although if you want to email me privately I would be happy to talk about it. I just don't want anyone who reads the blog and DOESN'T want any spoilers to come across one accidentally. I hate spoilers myself.



I'm only 14, therefor I can't get a job at a bookstore. :( I really would if I could. I would kill for an advanced copy of this book!!


oh oh oh can you email me and tell me a bit about New moon, pretty please?! whats ur email adress? oops sorry I'm being so rude. would it be okay if you could email me and tell me one thing that happens or something??:)


Anyone and everyone E-mail me with any info on my sure to be new favorit book NEW MOON!!!! Klunti@hotmail.com.


........... what can i say?
i think i am the most jelous person to walk this earth. (or the most jelous person that will walk this earth; i will walk it in the morning, im to lazy right now.)
i just got TWILIGHT a few days ago and i have already read it more times than i should admit. more than once per day, lets just leave it at that.
I AM CRAZY ABOUT IT! edward is my hero, and i would do anything for my own little edward. my name is anabel, so maybe i be nicnamed bella... hmm.... refining the plan...

PLEASE ive read EVERY SINGLE SITE that has ANYTHING TO DO with NEWMOON and i want to read it so badddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok. one favor. please. i beg of you. with all my heart i plead, how long is it? how many pages?

i know i should be asking for some spoiler, but i just must know.
yes im wierd that way.

btw, in relation to what others have been saying, it sucks that im to young to work at a bookstore. BRING BACK CHILD LABOR!!! (jk compleatly, but i neeeed that book!)

please email back
agh i think ill stick to anabel for now... but soon... soon...


btw, my email is Aquariusalchemist@gmail.com, incase the link doesnt work for you like it doesnt work for me.


....a person.....

If anyone has any info/spoilers on New Moon, please email me. *pleading puppy dog eyes* Please...?

If the link doesn't work for you, my email is XxsTrAwBeRrYxvEnOmxX@yahoo.com ...


PLEASE!!!!!!!! give me a spoiler if not i will die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need sone info here i never thought books could cause me this i cant stop thinking about it!! not even in my sleep!! soo please a bit of help a bit wont hurt


I am so obsessed with Twilight and I am dying to know anything at all about New Moon. I love any spoilers you may have! Email me at luvit114@aol.com


You echo my exact take on New Moon. I applaud the Romeo and Juliet thread as well as the next person. I love YA novels....with some brain and heart. Moreover, I love YA novels where the heroine has a backbone. Unfortunately, Bella sunk a little more than low in my opinion. While Meyer may be a good writer, her direction became evident early in the novel and I was wondering just how many times a heroine could swoon and faint. Pass the smelling salts, Bella Swan can't stay on her two feet for more than two pages at a time.

Still excited for the third, though. Just to see what Meyer can do with what is more-than-evident potential.

I just wish someone would shake Bella ( and maybe hold her up for a little bit--- so she can face us head on! )


Wow, Twilight must be a great book....thats funny cause my name is Issabella , but everyone calls me Bella. i should go buy Twilight, it seems everyones obbsessed with it...well i have to go, its my first day at Forks High School.


I guess I do have a few questions myself. For one, I would like to know the number of pages of this book. I hope it is very, very long, so that there is a full amount everything. Althought Twilight was NOT short, I wished it was longer so I could get more of Edward, Bella and the rest of the other characters.

I would also like spoilers! But I believe I can wait do to the simple fact that the book should be arriving to my house within 1-3 days. But I'm absolutely intrigued as to what will happen in the second chapter because that first chapter Meyer gave out was a hearwretching, sobbing, mean cliffhanger that I will hate forever (of until I read the second chapter, then the rest of the book) but I am ever so greatful for because it made me go buy it on the internet for sixteen dollars, which is cheaper then when I tried to go to Amazon and it was fourty something dollars. Further more, I'm glad I decided to buy it today, for I could not possibly wait until the library (of which I work and get first pick on new books) came out with it. >< That is possibly madness.

And the last point is that, I am glad I bought it, so I can tease and brag to my friends of which are all very, very insanely in love with this book.

I have a new obsession. His name is Edward Cullen. And I want to be a vampire. No...not really, or perhaps, but Stephanie Meyer is such a good writer that I really, really think "could they really be out there?" Romance is my weak spot.

Aloha from the girl who reads non stop on a little rock out in the middle of nowhere which, even if there where vampires (Which I kind of hope for--the good kind)) would never come here because of the frequent sunshine. But if I do happen to see someone glittering in the sun, I will be sure to let you all know that I have found a vampire.

^^ <3 Tiffany


okay if any one has spoilers tell me tell me im going nuts please



on stephenies website she has a list of songs for new moon and by the sound of some of them this book is gonna have drama love hate


me and my friend belive we have totally figured out what will happen. please email me so i can talk about it with you with out giving it away. i am in love with this book ^.^

Emi Edgley

Who is going to speak out, within the LDS population, about this book?

Real teens who act in some of the ways Bella and Edward did probably find themselves in real trouble. Bella blindly follows a boy she knows is dangerous. What might be some of the consequences of becoming involved with a "bad boy," or a possessive person with anger or jealousy issues? Also, real teens emulating Edward and Bella would find themselves in sexually compromising situations. Edward stays in Bella's room at night to watch her sleep. They caress each other in a secluded clearing, without anyone knowing where they are. How can we keep from placing ourselves in ircumstances where temptation is too strong? Can touching in nonsexual ways be dangerous?

Edward and Bella engage in a number of fairly innocuous kisses. Although Bella and Edward don't have sex, their relationship is extremely intense and sensual. It seems the only thing preventing intercourse is the fact that Edward desires to suck her blood, not to deflower her. He abstains from acting on his thirst because he loves her. She pleads for the opposite.

Bella's father has never parented before. He asks casual questions about Bella's activities, but he's easily satisfied by her frequent lies and half-truths concerning her whereabouts. He clearly cares for her but doesn't provide much "authority" (although he does set a few more boundaries toward the end of the story). Bella's real protector is Edward. He sets the tone for their relationship, and Bella follows him fearlessly, despite knowing that he literally wants to devour her. Edward excuses Bella's repeated lying to others because it allows them to be together.

Is this a book series we would be happy to have our daughters read? Why are we so happy about it then ourselves?

isabella a.k.a bella!!(jk i wish)   jasmin



Dude, I want to read this book but i don't have it and i read the first chapter preview!! The first book ROCKS tho.

isabella a.k.a bella!!(jk i wish) jasmin I feel the same way!!!!!!


Want some spoilers???? Type in the title of any book in the Twilight series or type this in: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, Eclipise by Stephenie Meyer, and Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. Do one at a time. Then find the book title in google listings by wikepedia. Example: (Moon by Stephenie Meyer. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Then click on it and it will summarize that book for you. But you'll still want to read the books a lot more after you read the summaries. Bye

Maddy a.k.a Mads

Lindsay Madison

I am selling an advanced reader's copyof New Moon on ebay. It is different than the published book. They took out some things.

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