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March 11, 2007


Chris Bigelow

There was a little surge in the news here when LDS president Gordon B. Hinckley attended this movie. I wonder what he thought of it.

Jeff Sharlet

Jana -- I just discovered your blog through the RNA's new blogfeed site. I've been wondering what you've been up to since I read the Buffy book. Glad to see you're busy. I'll bookmark the blog.

As for Wilberforce, I agree about its merits and lack thereof as a film. I think a more interesting movie -- and a more complicated and urgent movie -- could have been made around the figure of Clark, the wildman abolitionist who urged Wilberforce to lead a British revolution. That, to me, was the painful "what if" moment of the film. What if he had? Would the French Revolution have devolved? The fact that Wilberforce refused to do so explains why so many on the far Christian Right -- Chuck Colson, Sam Brownback -- revere Wilberforce.

Good to read your stuff, Jana.


Jeff! Great to hear from you. Yes, that fellow was such an interesting character, and so underdeveloped. Caricatured, even. I was bothered by the obtrusive score of this film, especially when Clark talks of fomenting revolution. Lots of ominous cello and screeching violins.


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