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May 14, 2007



I think Ron is Dumbledore from the future.


OK, I thought you were completely kidding at first, but I read the article in good faith. Ron as Dumbledore from the future! It's completely crazy. But crazy-fascinating, not crazy-obtuse. It's at least two-thirds baked, even if I don't buy it myself. It's a lot of fun.

One little quibble: the author says that Dumbledore gave McGonagall a lemon sherbet, when it's actually a lemon drop. I know, I need to get a life . . .



I really like Regulus as Crookshanks. And Jo's denial that Crookshanks is an animagus doesn't rule out that possibility. Being transfigured into a creature is different than being an animagus. Recall that Dumbledore offered to Draco the possibility that he could be hid "more completely than you can possibly imagine." Well, what if DD, the transfiguration ace, was offering Draco to turn him into something (a ferret?), just as he had transfigured RAB into a cat/kneazle? I like it.

Of course I haven't read the chapter on Snape, but for dramatic reasons, I think he's a genuine fence sitter. How it works out in the book is this: DD and HP have disagreed about SS from the get-go. In order for Harry to grow, his mentor needs to be wrong about something that Harry gets right. So I think SS will end up, early on in the book, doing something genuinely evil -- something that will cost a life -- and this will motivate Harry to go after him. Then in the end, full of regret, he will do something heroic and good. This will compound Harry's anxiety when he has to decide whether to save SS's life or not. And as you say, he will.

As far as other wild theories, you're completely right about one of the twins being the red shirt, and completely nutters about the Malfoy/Vampires and Faux as a horcrux. Voldy's gesture to his wand in that scene was a 'fight or flight' reflex.

That's what I think, anyway. And we'll find out soon!


You are the first I've heard to make comment about the Pettigrew/Gryffindor link - it's been a belief of mine for some time now! The Sorting Hat doesn't make mistakes, and it put Pettigrew there, so as you say, there must be something more to him than his current allegiance lets on... Great post!


wow. apparently i have much more of a life than you do -- or at least i had one until i spent a half hour on wikipedia just now sorting through who all those harry potter characters are. :) i do suppose i'll consider it time well spent come 21st july...


It would be cool for Harry to save Snape, but personally I'm hoping for Snape to save Harry and prove himself worthy of Dumbledore's trust.


In rereading HP One, I ran across the phrase "in years to come Harry could not believe..." Hmm, says I: is this a clue that Harry will be around a long time? I am rereading for just such clues about the outcome. Neville is a very important character in Book One. Wonder why. And can it be the case that all bad guys have French names (Malfoy, Voldemort, LeStrange)? That leaves out Snape.


How is Sirius dead? At the end of book 5, all it says is that he was hit by a ball of fire and fell through the floor. Injured? Sure. Captured? Maybe. But dead? Come on, where's the body? Remember when Peter Pettigrew was assumed dead, even though there was no body? Even if I'm wrong here (and I hope I'm not), I hope that Rowling at least provides some explanation for what is (in my opinion), a glaring omission. As for Dumbledore, I find some significance in the fact that Fawkes joyfully flies away during the funeral. Fawkes has always been a small but significant character. I hope that it is symbolic of Dumbledore still being alive somewhere. There also may be something more to Dumbledore's trust in Hagrid. I wouldn't be surprised if he, either knowingly or unknowingly, played a part in Dumbledore's alleged death. I personally hope that neither Harry nor Fawkes is a Horcrux, but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part. I guess we'll all find out for sure next month.


I just finished my re-read tonight.

I think V could not have created a horcrux in that scene in Dumbledore's office without killing someone at the same time--from the way it's described, it seems that the killing and the horcrux creation have to happen contemporaneously.

I also think Dumbledore's portrait in his office will start to speak, like those of all the other headmasters. It would be weird if it were to remain silent. So, even though I think Dumbledore really is dead, he's still around in some sense, and able to advise Harry, even if it's only in a Raines sense, where he helps Harry figure out what he doesn't know he knows.

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