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September 10, 2007


Ann B

I completely agree with everything you said. It seemed like every other page I was groaning and turning to Chris to complain about another typo or error. In addition, I did not like the epilogue. The change of point of view took me a minute to figure out and then when I finished I found myself saying "so . . . " I suggest you be brave and tell Stephenie to take a break because we have such high hopes for better writing.


I wound up going through the line very quickly as predicted. :-) Authors deserve to bask in their success in a venue like that! It was a very enthusiastic booksigning of over a thousand people . . . tons of teenage girls screaming their heads off every time Edward Cullen's name was mentioned. It made my head hurt. I think I am getting old.

Many people came dressed up, some in funny self-made t-shirts. One said, "Edward Cullen: Sexier Than You Since 1901." Another had a line about choosing between Edward and Jacob, and concluded that Edward would be best for summer and Jacob for winter. I thought that was hilarious.

Meyer did a great job with the Q&A and the huge crowd -- she was poised, funny, smart, and friendly. She seems like a terrific person, which made me feel even guiltier for disliking the book as much as I did.

Al Hsu

I just finished reading this book earlier this week, and again, it's not a book I ever would have picked up had you not plugged the previous volumes. I concur - the love triangle got tiresome, and it seemed like there were not enough real-life high school scenarios or contexts to make the story interesting. Part of the intrigue of this (as well as Buffy, I surmise, though I've not ever gotten into the Buffyverse) is the hypothetical what-if-ness of juxtaposing supernatural mythical creatures and characters in an everyday setting like high school. That's part of what makes Smallville interesting (though I've been stuck in season 3 for years now). Eclipse seemed to remove the characters from real life - even the graduation seemed sort of glossed over.

Maybe it's because I just finished season 5 of Alias, but I kept mentally picturing the Alias character Sark (David Anders) as Edward. But he's probably too old for the role. Bella, on the other hand, is more of a cipher to me. I don't really have a clear mental picture of her.


dude, what is up with u people? dont get me wrong i hated book 3 too and had majour issues with book 2 but obviousely for different reasons, the love triangle kills me. i'm a teenage girl, het target market, so technically my comment should be considered the most. you guys are overly critical about irrelevent things like type-o's although of course i did notice them too and did also question who edited it, but the real issue is bella's fickle nature and hypocracy. twilight is all about how edward is her ultimate be all and end all yet when the 2nd and 3rd book comes around she's all about how jacob is her sun and bla bla bla. she wants to be with edward for eternity yet shies away from a marriage proposal. iv said it before and i'll say it again, the story line has taken a rediculous turn from the start of book 2 already, the second book was likened by SM herself to Romeo and Juliet and thats the problem its like twilight is the epitamy of what Romeo and Juliet is all about then its like halfway through the play she just suddenly goes "huh. maybe i should be with Parris after all!" wth? i am not impressed.

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