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October 24, 2007


Mark Ward

Jana, don't you think that "so you don't eat shellfish" is a canard? Does the NT have nothing to say about how Christians should use the OT? Are NT Christians picking and choosing, or are they following the NT evidence--like Jesus' declaring all foods clean in Mark 7 or Paul's saying categorically that we aren't under law but under grace?

B&C reader

Al Hsu

I read this book a few weeks back and thought it was a hoot. I blogged about it, too, if you want to see a few of my thoughts on it - I also picked up on the individualism issue. Did you read his earlier book, The Know-It-All? I thought that one was even better. It's the kind of book that Ellen got annoyed with me reading because I kept reading her little trivia tidbits from page after page, just like Jacobs did with his wife while reading the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

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