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May 20, 2009


Marcia Z Nelson

After decades of worrying the theodicy question like a dog with a bone, I have finally put it down. (Maybe watching lots of Oprah brought that about.)Thanks for reading this for me.

Pamela McClure

Thanks for looking beyond the "needs-a-good-editor-desperately" style and pointing out the good stuff! The Shack helped me "forgive" God for not allowing a woman to write one bit of canonized scripture, be an apostle, etc., etc. "He" is beyond what we know as male or female . . . Papa was just what this girl needed.


Calling The Shack a truly unique piece of literary genius would be an understatement. It would be like calling The Sistine Chapel a simple work of art. But like both masterpieces, you need to delve deeper to truly appreciate what is in front of you. The story's premise is a simple one: the unconditional love God has for us all. It answers the questions we all grew up wondering and the answers just might change your entire outlook on life while changing your preconceived notions of theology. And yet, not everyone may agree with the ideas presented to them within the bindings of this work, they will all agree that this is the most thought provoking read to come out in years.

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