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February 08, 2010



I think there exist no conflict between games and religion. We do that we like.

Sniper Games

Now Online Game on Shakespeare, Techtree News: Edward Castronova, an Indiana
University Professor, and an economist who studies virtual worlds, has been
awarded a ... grant to create an online game based on the world of William
Shakespeare. The online game, for which a grant has been received from the
MacArthur Foundation, is ...[a] project ... to produce a virtual world steeped
in the rich lore and characters of Shakespeare's work. However, Castronova sees
this initiative as far more than just a historical adaptation of the legendary
playwright's work. He sees it as a way to teach students about Shakespeare's
life and times and his writing, as well as a way to conduct innovative
social-science research. He cites it as a strategy that could give social
scientists unprecedented ways to test out their theories...
Castronova said that what they plan to do is to have people encounter the
texts in Shakespeare, and the ideas in the text at many points within a really
fun, multiplayer game, so that without even knowing it, people can get to learn
more about the playwright's work. However it is believed that Arden: The World
of Shakespeare will have a hidden purpose beyond teaching, as Castronova plans
to use it as a 'Petri dish' for testing out economic theories by creating
controlled experiments within the game's population.

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